Why hire a naming consultant?

2009-02-02 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

You need a Chinese name. Some of your Chinese-speaking employees have suggested names. Why not just go with one of those?

You can use one of those, but your name is your identity—it is very important—and there are many advantages to hiring a professional naming consultant for this most important aspect of your business.

Greater knowledge and skill. Your employees may be great at what they do, and they may have good language skills, but naming and branding are very intricate arts, and people who do not practice naming daily are considered amateurs at naming. Amateurs have a limited set of ideas and names. Professional naming consultants have years of experience, deal every day with a wide variety of people and businesses, and think in many more directions.

More names to choose from. Amateur translators give you one name or only a few names. Professional naming consultants explore many aspects of a name—sound, appearance, connotations, associations, nuance of meaning—and can give you hundreds if not thousands of possibilities, each with its own flavor.

Your involvement in the process. Amateur translators give you a name with little input from you. Professional naming consultants involve you in the selection process. They give you an exhaustive list of possible names, explain the subtleties of each, and let you decide which features matter most to you.

Cost savings. Having your employees divert time to naming will cost you in reduced productivity. Using a naming project as a team building exercise can backfire: People may become offended if their names are not chosen or if they feel the selection process is subjective and unfair. Pros give you an objective, third-party opinion and process. Professional naming is an investment. Naming consultants establish processes and relationships that you can build on and use again and again.

As professional naming consultants, we do not hesitate to share our knowledge with our clients. Sharing builds trust. You may want only a name today, but tomorrow you may need more. As your business expands, you may not have time to do everything in house, and when your needs grow, we hope you turn to us, to people you trust. And the more sophisticated you become in the art and science of naming, the easier it will be for us to work together on your next project, saving time and money.