Chinese Business Card for Rosemary McClenaghan

2010-01-20 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

We’re happy to present the English-Chinese bilingual business card for Rosemary McClenaghan, president of Wee Green Tours.

About Rosemary

Rosemary told us: “Rosemary McClenaghan is a difficult name even for English speakers to pronounce… It means a number of things—there is an herb called Rosemary traditionally associated with being for remembrance, and it also means dew of the sea.

“McClenaghan… can mean ‘long ship’ or it can mean ‘a possessor of coats’—referring to the holder of a coat of arms, i.e. being of nobility… From the original irish Mac Leannacháin, the Mac means son, ain (means little or wee!!), so it is ‘son of little Leannach.’”

About Wee Green Tours

Wee Green Tours provides tourism in Belfast using entirely electrically powered vehicles for sightseeing tours. The tours are designed to allow tourists to discover everything about Belfast’s stories, history, and geography.

Is there a story behind the company name?

Rosemary explained why she chose the three words Wee Green Tours:

Wee, the local word for small, is used affectionately to describe things and people—a wee woman, a wee seat, etc.

Green says that the company is eco-friendly—using electric cars and buses—and also that the company is in Ireland (green is a color widely associated with Ireland).

Tours describes the product offered both in the capital city and throughout Northern Ireland (which is a wee country!)

The creation of Rosemary’s Chinese name

Rosemary McClenaghan is transliterated—that is, translated according to similarities in the sounds of the two different languages—as 茹丝玛丽 麦肯纳翰 (Traditional Chinese: 茹絲瑪麗 麥肯納翰), spelled Ru-Si-Ma-Li in Chinese pinyin system and pronounced “ruu-sih-mah-lee my-ken-nah-hahn.”

Rosemary as Ru-Si-Ma-Li:

茹 (ru) is one of the many Chinese characters that is related to flowers and plants and often used in female names. It has many meanings, including soft, to experience, or a general term for vegetables. The meaning we’re after is soft, with a hint of green for its association with vegetables.

絲 (si) is silk, something like a thin thread, or a minute quantity or trace.

Rosemary mentioned that her hair is “curly, long, and dark brown.” Thus, 茹絲 (ru si), soft and silky, can represent Rosemary’s physical appearance and it can also represent her green initiative, her desire to treat the environment gently, leaving only minute traces.

瑪麗 (ma li) is a common transliteration for the name Mary and names that sound like Mary.

瑪 (ma) is agate or cornelian.
麗 (li) is beautiful.

McClenaghan as Mai-Ken-Na-Han

麥 (mai) is a general term for wheat, barley, oats, rye, etc. It is also a Chinese family name.
肯 (ken) is a good character meaning to be willing. For example, 肯定 (ken ding) is to affirm, to approve, or to confirm, and 中肯 (zhong ken) is appropriate.
納 (na) is to accept, to receive, or to adopt. For example, 納福 (na fu) is to enjoy oneself or to live a comfortable and contented life.
翰 (han) is a writing brush or writing. It is associated with academics and elites. For example, the Chinese term翰林 (han lin) means member of the Imperial Academy.

The development of Wee Green Tours in Chinese

We’ve translated Wee Green Tours as维绿旅游 (Traditional Chinese: 維綠旅遊). It’s spelled Wei-Lv Lv-You in pinyin and pronounced “way-lyu lyu-yoh.”

The creation of 維綠 (wei lv) to represent Wee Green has several layers of meaning.

維 (wei) means to hold together, to maintain, thinking, or dimension. For example, the Chinese term 維護 (wei hu) means to conserve, to preserve, to safeguard, or to uphold.
綠 (lv) is green.

維 (wei) sounds similar to Wee and means to maintain. It works well with the desired connotations of keeping and maintaining the environment. It’s also pronounced the same as another Chinese character, 微 (wei), meaning fine or tiny. This calls to mind the local usage of the word to mean small.

Therefore, 維綠 (wei lv) is not only eco-friendly—maintaining green—but also hints at the aspect of being tiny—having a small footprint.

旅遊 (lv you) is a tour, tourism, travels, a trip, or a journey for pleasure. It is also used in business names by many tour related businesses.

The design of the card

The card is going to be printed in Ireland according to the international standard size of 85mm x 55mm, different from the standard size of 3.5” x 2” for most U.S. business cards.

It is a typical double-side bilingual card with English on one side and Chinese on the other. The positions of the images and font families are closely matched between the two sides to give it a consistent branded design look.

The company name “Wee Green Tours” and the tagline “Discover Northern Ireland with Wee Green Tours” are printed in Irish green (CMYK 100-0-54-39).

The Title

On the Chinese side, the title President is translated as总裁 (Traditional Chinese: 總裁, Zong Cai, pronounced “zwong tsign”).

The Address

Many amateur Chinese business card translation agencies translate the entire street address into Chinese even though this is useless. The better way is to provide a brief description of the physical location in Chinese that is memorable and leaves a favorable impression with Chinese.

Therefore, for the address we simply state it that Wee Green Tours is located in Dundonald of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.


维绿旅游 (Wee Green Tours)
总公司 (company headquarters) 位於 (located in) 英国 (UK)
北 (Northern) 爱尔兰 (Ireland) 首府 (capital and the largest city) 贝尔法斯特 (Belfast)
的 (‘s) 登唐纳德 (Dundonald) 区 (Area).
You’ll notice that in Chinese the description goes from general (UK) to more specific (Dundonald), the opposite of English custom.

The Phone Numbers

手机 or 手機 is mobile phone
电话 or 電話 is telephone
+44 signifies the country code of UK.

The Tagline

Discover Northern Ireland with Wee Green Tours
维绿旅游邀您一起来发现北爱尔兰之美 (維綠旅遊邀您一起來發現北愛爾蘭之美)
Literally: Wee Green Tours invites you to together come discover Northern Ireland’s beauty. In English it means “Wee Green Tours invites you to come and discover the beauty of Northern Ireland with us.”

E-mail address and website URL are self-explanatory.

Note: Phone numbers shown on the business card were modified for privacy. If you would like to contact Rosemary McClenaghan or Wee Green Tours, you may do so through the website.