Top 10 worst corporate name changes, according to TIME

2010-02-13 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

In honor of Comcast's decision to start branding itself as XFinity, TIME takes a look back at other questionable company moniker swaps.

What's your take?

Xfinity: Starting Feb. 12, 2010, Comcast will roll out its new name, Xfinity, in 11 U.S. markets.

Accent on the Future (a.k.a. Accenture): When Andersen Consulting broke contractual ties with the accounting group Andersen in 2000, the consulting firm was forced to change its signature name.

SyFy (Sci Fi)

From Royal Mail to Consignia and back

Blackwater Becomes Xe (pronounced Zee)

Altria (Philip Morris)

From WWF (World Wrestling Federation) to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Spike TV (The National Network)

AirTran Airways (ValuJet)

Willis Tower (Chicago's Sears Tower)

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