If We Were to Edit This Statement

2013-02-12 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

President Obama issued a statement on Lunar New Year 2013 a few days ago. The White House also provided the statement in Chinese. If we were asked to evaluate or edit it, we would recommend the following changes:


We recommend the transliteration of Michelle to be “蜜雪兒” or a Chinese name that can be easily identified as a female name. The current transliteration “米歇尔” is usually perceived as a male name.

For “people,” we recommend “各位” and “民眾” instead of “所有人” and “人民” because they sound more personal and not bureaucratic.

We changed some terms to make the statement more polished and fluent in Chinese.

Original English:

Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all those who will be celebrating the Lunar New Year this Sunday, February 10th. Here in America and around the world, people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent will welcome the Year of the Snake. In Chinese tradition, the snake represents wisdom, and a thoughtful approach to tackling the challenges before us – principles that I hope will continue to guide us as we perfect our union and create a more just and equal future for every American. Our challenges may be great, but our diversity and the traditions that thrive here give us the strength to meet them. To everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year, I wish you peace, prosperity and good health and fortune.

The original White House translation:


Our edited version:


In Traditional Chinese:


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