March 16-17, 2013: Healthy Fresno 2 Days Event

2013-03-06 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

From Fresno Medical Team (Tzu Chi Mobile Clinic–Fresno):

Dear Volunteers,

Healthy Fresno will have 2 days event with 50 dental chairs, medical, vision and acupuncture service at Sunnyside High School. Please check your schedule to see whether you can come and help. This is the first time Fresno has 2 days Medical Outreach event with 50 dental chairs. Please forward this information to your friends.

We do need a lot DA and MA for whole day.


慈濟佛瑞斯諾聯絡處醫療組將於三月十六十七兩日在 Sunnyside High School 舉辦大型義診「Healthy Fresno」,是由慈濟佛市醫療組主辦佛市學區 (FUSD) 及其他許多機關團體協辦的大型社區醫療服務活動。


請參考下面所附 flyer。感恩!

Healthy Fresno Poster

Healthy Fresno Poster