September 23, 2013: The Seventh Fresno Chinese Seminar

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The Seventh Fresno Chinese Seminar : September 23, 2013



Date and Time: Monday September 23, 2013 from 5:00/5:30 PM to 8:30/9:00 PM

Location: Woodward Park Regional Library (944 East Perrin Avenue Fresno, CA 93720)

RSVP is required because seating is limited. To RSVP, click here, e-mail each attendee's name, phone number, and e-mail address to, or call (559) 549-5660 before September 16 to reserve a seat.

這是我們為您所做的社區服務,完全免費。報名: 請在九月十六日前預約參加


by Xuanning Fu, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Professor
College of Social Sciences

Dr. Xuanning Fu is the Associate Dean of the College of Social Sciences, and a professor of sociology, at California State University, Fresno. Dr. Fu obtained his doctorate degree in 1994 and his research interest includes inter-racial marriage, education and social class, and meaning of work. He has published two books and 30 peer-reviewed journal articles on inter-racial marriage, divorce and on meaning of work. Dr. Fu has taught in four U.S. universities, including UC and CSU, and also worked as a statistician and researcher in the field of educational outreach. He is intimately familiar with California’s systems of higher education and pathways for student success.


by Grace I. Liu, J.D.
Intellectual Property and Research Administrator
California State University, Fresno
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Admissions into the elite colleges is a game. Know the rules about positioning yourself to get into the Ivy gates. It is a given that you must have top grades and test scores. But learn the unwritten rules for standing out in the crowd–how to pick the right extracurriculars, competitions, camps, etc. High school hours are limited. Put them to best use to gain entrance into the best colleges. Grace Liu will tell you what she knows about gaining admission into the nation's top institutions.


Edison High School, Fresno – 1996
Harvard University – 2000 A.B., Biological Sciences with Honors
University of Chicago School of Law – 2004 J.D.

7 years as patent attorney in private practice in Chicago and Fresno
Currently, Research Administrator, Fresno State, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

左:Xinyi Pan 潘心怡建築師第一次到台灣旅行。她很高興地畫下了對台北西門町附近街景的印象。右上:寶貝。右中:西門紅樓。右下:愛犬。
Left: On Architect Xinyi Pan’s first trip to Taiwan, she sketched her impression of Ximending, a neighborhood and shopping district in the Wanhua District of Taipei. Right, from top to bottom: Xinyi Pan’s young child; the Red House Theater in Ximending, a prominent building from the Japanese era; Xinyi Pan’s lovely dog.


Fresno Chinese 中加州華裔新聞。臉書。網站。歡迎投稿並將新聞稿寄至,註明:Fresno Chinese.

Tzu Chi慈濟聯絡處

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FresnoChinese is available at the following locations: R-N Market, Bakery Delights, Oriental Restaurant, New City Restaurant, Golden Horse Restaurant, Mitsui Buffet, Lin’s Fusion, A Star Buffet, Great Wall Chinese Cuisine, Wu Nam, China Station Food To Go, Imperial Express, and Wah’s Kitchen.

左:Fresno Chinatown 中國城舞龍遊行 Photo Credit: William Choy。右上:Fresno Chinatown 中國城遊行。右下:同鄉會烹飪教學。
Left: Fresno Chinatown dragon dance parade. Photo credit: William Choy. Right top: Fresno Chinatown parade. Right bottom: Fresno Area Taiwanese Association cooking demonstration.

Fresno Chinese Business Seminar

左上:ClovisFest 及熱氣球慶典將在九月21至22日在 Clovis Rodeo Grounds 舉行,千萬別錯過。左下:Henry Chiu 邱于峻律師參觀了本市 Chaffee Zoo 最新 Sea Lion Cove Exhibit. 找個時間去動物園吧。右上:九月19日慶中秋。右中:我正在看著你。Photo Credit: Henry Chiu.
Left top: Don’t miss the ClovisFest and hot air balloon festival that will be held on Clovis Rodeo Grounds on September 21 and 22. Left bottom: Attorney Henry Chiu enjoyed Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s new Sea Lion Cove Exhibit. Make time to visit the zoo. Right top: The Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival will be celebrated on September 19 this year. Three photos bottom right: “I’m looking at you!” Photo Credit: Henry Chiu.

左二:慈濟中秋慈善園遊會:九月28日。慈濟基金會 佛瑞斯諾聯絡處負責人 楊素卿 敬邀。左三:Fresno Chinese 華商講座。左四:Fresno Chinese 華商講座。
右上:台灣同鄉友誼會 FATA 活動。右下:Fresno Chinese 華商講座。Photo Credit: William Choy.
The second photo on the left: Tzu Chi Mid-Autumn Charity Event will be held on September 28. The third and the fourth photos on the left: Fresno Chinese Seminar. Right top: The association president Mr. Jason Liao speaking at Fresno Area Taiwanese Association’s annual meeting. Right bottom: Fresno Chinese Seminar. Photo Credit: William Choy.

台灣同鄉友誼會 FATA 活動。Photo Credit: William Choy.
FATA’s annual event.

Fresno Chinese Seminars are sponsored by:

張海鷹 (Haiying Zhang) 富國銀行住房貸款部
Phone: (559) 801-3081. E-mail:

盧秋岑 (Linda Lu) LUTCF. Registered Representative
Phone: (559) 447-3693. E-mail:

邱于峻 律師 (Henry Y. Chiu)
Henry Chiu is an attorney at the law firm of Moss, Tucker, Chiu, Hebesha & Ward, PC. He represents business owners in transactional and litigation matters, and Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) trust funds in litigation matters.
Phone: (559) 436-3847. E-Mail:

周宇珊 (Yu San Gunn) 房地產有照經紀,加州有照公證人。服務於房地產企業多年,經驗豐富,全方位專業知識。現為廿一世紀地產公司經紀,為華人同胞在買賣或投資房地產的交易中,提供最安心、貼心及稱心的服務。
Yu San Gunn is a realtor with C-21 C. Watson Realty. She is experienced in escrow, title, and real estate sales.
Phone: (559) 287-8575. E-mail:

蔡仲厚 攝影師 (William Choy) 中加州經驗最豐富的華人專業攝影師。精通英語、普通話、廣東話、及閩南語。商業攝影.食品樣品.傳統與現代婚紗攝影。
5091 N. Fresno St., Suite 110, Fresno, CA 93710.
Phone: (559) 237-0000. E-mail:

潘心怡 建築師 (Xinyi Pan)
Xinyi Pan is the principal of the architecture firm Xinyi Pan Architect (潘心怡建築設計事務所), a firm providing architectural design and site planning services, commercial, and residential projects. Licensed Architect in the State of California. Contact her at
(559) 273-7318 or

莊志鴻 (Andy Chuang)
請至,按下 blog,找 The Chinese Translation of “1,000 True Fans” by Kevin Kellys 這篇文章,中文譯為「一千位忠實粉絲」。這是一篇對創業者和藝術家很有啟示的好文章,希望對您有所助益!
Phone: (559) 472-3320. E-mail:

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