Thank You for Coming to the September 23rd Fresno Chinese Seminar

2013-09-23 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

For the feedback, we asked two questions:

Question 1: On a zero-to-ten scale, how likely is it you would recommend our seminar to a friend? (0 = not at all likely; 10 = extremely likely)

Question 2: What is the primary reason for your score?

Your ratings and comments:

“10. It is very educational for me and for my child!” – J.G.

“8. 講得很好! (Explained things very well!)” – P.P.

“8. Provide good information to parents on preparation of college. Need great presentation for better understanding.” – W.H.

“10.” – I.Z.

“9. Dr. Fu and Grace Liu”

“10. Very informational and helpful insight of how to prepare and be successful to the college entrance process.” – S.I.

“10. Helpful speech for people want to go to the Ivy Leagues.” – D.S.

“10.” – D.D.

“7. Good general information about getting into four year school but it needs more details about all the obstacles involved in the process, starting in H.S.” – A.G.

“9.56. I knew a lot of the information already but interesting and informational [nonetheless].” – N.O.

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