Feb 19th ArtHop at Good Characters

2009-02-19 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

5 PM to 8 PM. FREE. This is probably the smallest ArtHop studio you’ll visit in Fresno. And it may also be one of the most unusual. What you’re going to see and do are very simple. You will see some of my works. Everything I do is related to Chinese symbols, also adopted in Japan as kanji and in Korea as hanja. But, more interesting, I’ll show you how to grind ink with an inkstone and an inkstick, you’ll learn how to hold and use a Chinese calligraphy brush (you might think it’s harder than holding chopsticks!), and you will practice writing Chinese symbols such as the character for Love. I will answer questions you might have. In essence, this is less about what I do and more about introducing you to the world of Chinese calligraphy. It’s a casual workshop and a hands-on experience.

Above: True Characters of Love. Blend of ancient and modern art forms and styles and Eastern and Western thought carries timeless message. Traditional red-bordered scroll has large modern Chinese character for “love” formed by the skillful composition of small, traditional characters that spell out the true meaning of love from the Bible (1 Corinthians 13).