CCCCA 2014 Chinese New Year Gala Lion Dance (720p HD)

2014-02-25 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Central California Chinese Culture Association (CCCCA) 2014 Chinese New Year Gala—a showcase of Chinese music, dances, songs, and martial arts—was held on Saturday February 1, 2014. The following video is the Lion Dance by Chao's Martial Art Studio.

2014 中加州中華文化協會斐市華人春節聯歡晚會曹館舞獅表演。

The following video is Orchid Blossoms (蘭花朵朵) directed by Yan Perez and performed by Aimee Xu, Alyssa Fu, Annabelle Teng, Anne Shi, Elaine Hao, Hailey Xu, Ivy Shi, Olivia Lin, Sarah Lee, and Sonia Ho.

The Half Moon Rises (半個月亮爬上來) and Walking the Autumn Fields (壟上行) by Men's Quartet (男聲四重唱) of Fresno Chinese Chorus (華音合唱團). Performers: 楊曉明, 陳建熾, 鄭玉維, and 楊定.

String Quartet (弦樂四重奏): #1 Dance of the Yao People (瑤族舞曲) and #2 Spring Festival Overture (春節序曲) by Joanne Chen, Philip Teng, Elbert Ho, and Ray Huang.