Wheat Golden Farmer? A lesson in a new Chinese name

2014-04-11 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Found out that we were quoted in LA Times! A humorous personal story of Julie Makinen and her Chinese names.

“Andy Chuang, a native of Taiwan with a background in psychology, runs a Fresno-based company called Good Characters that helps individuals choose names . . .”

Her Chinese naming adventure:

“When I began my application for a press card, part of the process for receiving a working journalist visa, I found I had already been assigned a name. It was Mai Jinnong . . .”

Julie Makinen: Mai Jinnong “Wheat Golden Farmer”

“I didn't have the luxury of engaging a consultant, so a co-worker and I quickly searched online again. I wanted the ‘ma’ sound for my family name, and two other characters approximating the sound of Julie.”

Julie Makinen: Ma Zhu Li “Horse Pearl Striving”

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