Chinese translations of Internet of Things, Smartphone, Wearable, Smart Home, and Thoughtful Home

2015-07-24 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Watch BBC’s July 24 interview with Tony Fadell to learn his thoughts about internet of things, smartphone, wearable, smart home, thoughtful home, and self-driving car.

He doesn’t like the term “internet of things” and he introduced “thoughtful home” to replace “smart home.”

We put together a list of ways these terms have been translated into Chinese. So far Nest Labs has offered no official Chinese translation for “thoughtful home.” Since there is no official translation of this term, various translations by reporters and bloggers in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will pop up. We will update this list as new translations appear. You can also download the list in PDF.

Also Nest’s Jun 17, 2015 video titled Welcome to the thoughtful home on YouTube.

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