Chinese business cards: Name cards

2008-07-14 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Among Chinese even more than among Americans, business is very personal. To Chinese, “business” entails building rapport, instilling and gaining trust, and relating person to person. Your name, your personal reputation, is the foundation for all business with Chinese. Chinese do not have business cards; they have name cards.

Name cards. Business cards. Because business is so very personal for Chinese, having the right name is of the utmost importance. You can spend hundreds of dollars getting a simple name translation and lose thousands of dollars because the translated name is common and you have no personal connection with your business associates. Or you could spend a little more and get a name that is not a translation, but an identity. We specialize in crafting Chinese names that uniquely communicate your character, your interests, and your abilities. We do not offer business cards; we design name cards. We do not make your name Chinese; we create a Chinese name that says who you are.