Chinese name for Leon Turner

2008-06-10 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Common Name–Uncommon Translation

Leon Turner’s name in English is not unusual. Nor is it very distinguished. But a careful translation of his name into Chinese helps him stand out from the crowd.

Turner is a nurse practitioner, a diligent seeker of wisdom who admires Chinese culture and knows that his calling in life is to help ease human pain and suffering. The Chinese name Good Characters selected for him, 唐理昂, (tang li ang) says all that:

唐 (Tang) brings to mind the Tang dynasty, the golden age of Chinese art, poetry, and science. 理 (Li) has to do with reason and logic (Turner’s quest for wisdom) and with putting things in order (his practice of the healing science). It is sometimes used to mean “to heed or respond to someone” (Turner’s desire to respond to human need). 昂 (Ang) means “high, lofty, to lift.” It speaks of Turner’s lofty goal of lifting the health and spirits of others.

Leon Turner–a common name in English; 唐理昂–a one-of-a-kind name in Chinese.

Comment from LT
Time: June 10, 2008, 5:17 pm

Andy, I am more than pleased with the translation and your service. I appreciate very much the explaination . . . I had shared my name translation with a friend of chinese origin and she immediately recognized the “tang” relationship to Turner and the other charcters gave her the same basic impression and “Li Ahng” she felt meant theory/science/knowledge/advance. I am delighted with the product and recognize the effort you and your company put forth for the correct translation.

Please keep up the “excellent” work at “good” characters!!