Western Union

2009-07-28 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Earlier this year, Western Union launched its first-ever global brand campaign, called Yes!, with elements in more than 50 languages. One of the goals of the campaign is to achieve brand consistency.

We’ve visited its Chinese localized websites (both mainland China and Taiwan). Both are very nicely done and maintain good brand consistency with its main English site.

We liked the translation of “At Western Union, we understand you're sending more than just money” in both simplified Chinese (China) and traditional Chinese (Taiwan):


We were confused by the Chinese sentence "您可能於鄰近地區的就可以輕易找到我們" until referred to its original English sentence and realized that it is supposed to mean “we are probably right around the corner in your neighborhood.” A simpler and grammatically correct Chinese translation would be “可能您附近就有西聯匯款".

Many sentences could be improved to become more fluent and better reflect Western Union’s brand leadership. These websites are a good start, and we hope the company will continue to improve them.

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