Delay No Mall f***s the common naming rule

2008-01-10 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

There are many naming experts who advise on the do’s and don’t’s of naming, but then there are always creative entreprerneurs who break the rules.

A store in Hong Kong named “Delay No Mall” is a good example. It has a name that sounds profane and yet caters to teens’ rebellion and anti-establishment imaginations.

As any resident of Hong Kong would tell you, the English pronunciation of “delay no more” sounds just like the curse phrase “F*** your mother” in Cantonese.

It’s sort of like the Chinese version of FCUK, which is, supposely, the acronym for the clothing company French Connection (FC) followed by the abbreviation for a branch location, the UK. The clothing company exploited the association of the F word and produced extremely popular t-shirts.

Doing a search on Wikipedia, I found that the company French Connection “apparently first discovered the acronym when a fax was sent from their Hong Kong store FCHK to FCUK.”

To cool accusations that Delay No Mall is in bad taste, the store’s staff has been instructed to pronounce the name as “Delay No Mao” instead of “Delay No Mall.”

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