How Did They Come Up with Yumberry?

2007-12-12 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

From The New York Times:

YUMBERRY sounds more like the creation of an advertising agency than of nature—like Cherry Garcia or Juicy Fruit. But while the name was dreamed up a few years ago to help sell the fruit’s juice, which is just now appearing in stores around the country, the fruit has been grown for 2,000 years in China.

The name yumberry was coined about 2003 by Charles Stenftenagel, a garden products importer from Indiana, when he was visiting a friend in Shanghai who owned a company that bottled the juice.

The fresh fruit, called yang-mei, is chewy and juicy with a pit like a cherry. Most varieties have a bumpy purple or red surface, like a litchi, although the skin is edible.

“Since the way they pronounced yang-mei in their dialect was ‘yang-mee,’ it sounded a little like ‘yummy,’ and that gave me the idea to call it ‘yumberry,’” Mr. Stenftenagel said. “We thought it might be a catchy name.”

Some think yumberry’s the next pomegranate.

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