American Express Mei Guo Yun Tong

2007-04-10 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

American Express, translated for meaning, is 美国运通 (mei guo yun tong, pronounced may guo ywun tohng).

美 (mei) is beauty, beautiful, or pretty.
国 (guo) is a country, a nation, or a state.
美国 (mei guo) is the translation for the United States of America.

运 (yun) is to transport. It can also be luck or fate.
通 (tong) means unobstructed, through, to lead to, or to communicate.
运通 (yun tong) doesn’t really mean express but it conveys the idea of going through without obstacles. Another good thing about this name is that 运通 (yun tong) can also be interpreted as having good fortune or good luck.

American Express in Chinese

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