Marlboro Wan Bao Lu

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Marlboro is transliterated as 万宝路 (wan bao lu).

万 (wan) means ten thousand or a great many.
宝 (bao) is a treasure.
路 (lu) is a path, a route, or a journey.

宝 (bao) brings about associations of America for it is related to the gold rush. 路 (lu) brings the associations of life’s journey or of traveling along a desert road like the infamous Marlboro cowboy.

This name can mean a road that leads to many treasures. 万宝路 (pronounced wan bao lu in Mandarin) can be pronounced as “mon bow low”, in some Chinese dialects; the latter is somewhat more similar in sound to Marlboro.

Marlboro in Chinese

Traditional Chinese characters:

Simplified Chinese characters:

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