Citi Hua Qi

2007-04-07 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

The Chinese name for Citi is 花旗 (hua qi).

花 (hua) describes any colorful design or pattern or, when used as a noun, refers to a flower or anything resembling one.

旗 (qi) is a flag or a banner.

The name 花旗 (hua qi, pronounced hua chee) refers to the flag of the United States. At one time in the past, the United States of America itself was referred to as 花旗國 (hua qi guo)—the nation of colorful stars and stripes.

Though this name sounds nothing like “Citi” in Mandarin, 花旗 (hua qi) is a name with a pleasant and well-received sound. Coupled with Citi’s historical significance as one of the first American banks in China, this name sits well with the Chinese.

Citi in Chinese

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