We take time to create a great Chinese version of your name for you

2009-10-01 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Your name is our name—our reputation rests on creating a great name for you. Your name, your title, and the name of your business will be translated by naming experts, professionals who pay utmost attention to the way every single word is translated into Chinese.

Some business card translation services offer super fast turnaround times with no review by you and no opportunity for revisions. Their service may be fast, but rushed translators have no time to consider translation options and suggest how your name might stand out among so many others. Your card is just one of the hundreds of items in their mental assembly line. Their first draft is your final product. Their service may be cheap, but to be profitable they have to crank out as many cards in as little time as possible. They can’t really afford to spend time on your card.

At Good Characters, we have experts in-house; we do not outsource any translations. We invest an average of 7.5 hours in the translation and layout of each business card. Your project receives multiple reviews and revisions. We know your business card is more than a card. It says a thousand words about you and your company.