We take time to craft a great card for you

2009-10-01 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Designing a business card is more than developing a Chinese version of your name. The translations of other elements, the layout, the relationship of the front of the card to the back, and the fonts all need to work in harmony to achieve the finest result. It takes time to craft a unique card that conveys your particular image, and we do not take shortcuts.

Some business card translation services print your cards quickly in a small quantity. They use digital printers similar to a color laser printer. The result is a card that looks—and generally is—cheap.

One way to tell that translators are not paying attention to the impression your card will make is to see that they translate your U.S. address into Chinese word for word. Of what use is that? Can a postman deliver anything to an American address written in Chinese? This is so silly, but you see examples proudly displayed on many websites claiming to be experts in Chinese business card translation. All that is needed in Chinese is your general location; if people want to mail something to you or visit you, they have your complete address on the English side of your card.

At Good Characters, we do not operate the way other agencies do. For your address on the Chinese side of your card, we translate the country, state, city, and any information that is meaningful to a Chinese recipient. We keep your card simple, clean, and impactful without useless material. It simply makes sense, and it differentiates you from others.