Get a Chinese name

2009-10-01 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Business is personal. People do business with people they like. When you do business with Chinese, your name plays a role in making a first impression, conveying an image, and expressing the quality of guanxi you will establish.

Do you need an official Chinese name? Consider:

Some Chinese decision makers you want to do business with may have difficulty remembering your non-Chinese name or knowing how it is pronounced.

If you don’t have an official Chinese translation of your name, Chinese business associates as well as reporters may create names for you.

There are hundreds of different ways an English name can be translated into Chinese. But only a carefully selected Chinese name will win respect.

When more than one person writes about or refers to you, you can end up with several versions of your Chinese name. The different versions will confuse your clients.

No one cares more about your name than you do. When an enthusiastic amateur gives you a Chinese name, it is done with little or no marketing or branding consideration. It may also have connotations you will not like.

Once people start to associate you with a name, it is difficult for you to ask them to change the name without offending them.

It’s better to take charge and intelligently design your Chinese name than allow it to evolve from one Chinese to another, resulting in names and connotations over which you have no control.