November 2 is Song Emperor Huizong’s birthday

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Emperor Huizong was born in 1082. He was the eighth emperor of the Song Dynasty of China. He invented the “Slender Gold” (瘦金體) style of calligraphy.

Have you ever done Chinese calligraphy? Or has it been a while since you practiced it? Many Chinese calligraphers lived long lives, and some say their longevity may be the result of the patience and perseverance required for the life-long practice of calligraphy. Chinese scholars throughout history have emphasized the importance of writing calligraphy because many believe it improves one’s temperament and leads to noble thoughts and feelings.

Would you like to begin a good new hobby today? Get a brush and start writing!

Chinese: 11/2 是中國宋朝第八位皇帝宋徽宗的生日 (1082-1135)。他自創「瘦金體」。您很久沒寫書法了嗎?書法可以訓練人的耐心與恆心,所以歷代書法家大多長壽;而且書法又可以變化人的氣質,培養高尚的情操,所以歷代讀書人都對書法都十分重視。

An example of Emperor Huizong’s “Slender Gold” (瘦金體) calligraphy.

An example of Emperor Huizong’s “Slender Gold” (瘦金體) calligraphy.

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