The Entrepreneur's Journal: What's in a name?

2004-06-25 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Reported by The Entrepreneur's Journal:

“Have you ever wondered, ‘What’s in a name?’ Andy Chuang thinks about this all the time as the owner of Good Characters, a brand naming company that specializes in translating American brand names into Chinese . . . “

“Our goal is to help fast-growing companies successfully penetrate the Chinese-American market and help them expand into the Greater China markets,” said Chuang. “One critical step to developing relationships with consumers in these countries is to avoid potential embarrassment and costly naming mistakes—this happens more often than it should.”

“Incidentally, Chuang thinks it is important for The City of Fresno to develop its own positive translation in Chinese so that it can be recognized in China the way Los Angeles is.”

Published on Friday, June 25, 2004