The Business Journal: Minority business report

2004-10-22 — Good Characters (Leave a message)

Reported by Lisa Lieberman, Special to The Business Journal

While minorities have traditionally had a tougher time getting started in business, in some cases being a minority can be a distinct advantage. Take for instance the case of Andy Chuang. Chuang, who moved to the United States from Taiwan 12 years ago, speaks almost perfect English. But he still has an accent. This used to be a disadvantage for Chuang since, “People subconsciously want to do business with people who look like them and talk like them,” he said.

Now, Chuang, who has been running his own Chinese brand naming company in Fresno, Good Characters, said his accent helps open doors for him.

“My accent has become an advantage instead of a disadvantage. When North American companies are looking for someone to help them with brand naming in China, they want someone with an authentic accent,” Chuang said . . .

Date: Friday, October 22, 2004