“You are good!”

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Chinese character: 你
Chinese character: 很
Chinese character: 強Simplified Chinese: 强

Literally it is “You are very strong” but it means “You are good!” (meaning you excel at something or you are good at everything in general — good in terms of ability, not character).

強 (qiáng) means strong.

I know someone who is amazing at basketball. Whenever we play, I always say, “你很強” (Nǐ hěn qiáng).

Another way to say 你很強 (Nǐ hěn qiáng) is 你很厲害 (Nǐ hěn lìhài).

Whenever you feel like saying “You are such a genius, you are incredible, you are amazing, you are awesome,” or “you are excellent,” consider 你很強 (Nǐ hěn qiáng).