Martial Arts Master Stamp by Good Characters

Add a touch of professional authenticity to your certificates, awards, documents, cards, and books.


We will customize this Tenkoku style stamp with the translation of your dojo, association, or organization name into ancient Chinese Seal Characters (also known as Tensho in Japan and Hanja in Korea.)


This high quality, self-inking stamp is completely self-contained in an impact-resistant, durable case which assures a long, trouble-free operating life. This stamp is guaranteed to make thousands of clear impressions before the first ink pad ever needs replacing.

Q: What is the typical wording used on this type of stamp?


Answer: Typically it's your name and your rank or title. For example, Sifu Allen Yuan or Sensei Allen Yuan.

Traditional and Modern

Traditional  Invented more than 3,059 years ago, the red square seals have been used to authenticate official documents throughout East Asia. The Good Characters™ Martial Arts Master Stamps make authentic imprints just like traditional seals.


Modern  Unlike ancient seals made of clay or stone, our modern, impact-resistant, self-inking stamps produce sharp, clear impressions consistently.


Designed for Professionals  Combining ancient Asian tradition and modern Western innovation, stamps made by Good Characters are authentic yet highly efficient. Perfect for professional martial arts certificate authentication and all forms of correspondence.

Eastern and Western

Eastern  The most important element on your stamp is your name. Our naming experts will translate or transliterate your name and title (title optional) into ancient Chinese seal characters (also known as Japanese tensho kanji or Korean hanja).


Western  Translations or transliterations can be common or—worse—inappropriate. Our methodical naming process creates a name for you that fits your unique personality and has positive meanings.


Customized for You  Your brand is your reputation. The Master Stamp is a tool for brand-building, for projecting your image in a very brief amount of time. Brand yourself as knowledgeable and professional.

You Are A Master

Now Be A Master In Building Your Brand As Well A good brand attracts good students and employees, gains you the respect you deserve, motivates others, and increases referrals and positive word-of-mouth. Use your Master Stamp to build your brand.


Use your Master Stamp as a personal logo on ...


•  Rank Certificates

•  Black Belt Certificates

•  Books

•  Letters

•  Greeting Cards

•  Business Cards

•  Envelopes

•  Brochures

•  Awards

•  Flyers

•  Documents

•  Posters ...

Additional Items

Extra Ink Pads  Your stamp is guaranteed to make thousands of clear impressions before the first ink pad needs replacing. Purchase extra pads if you anticipate high volume use or want to save on future shipping charges.


Certificate of Meaning  Frame-able for display in your home, school, or place of business. Written by naming professionals, certificate explains the meaning of each character in your Martial Arts Master Stamp. Knowing the meaning and proper pronunciation of these characters enhances your professional image and conveys a deeper sense of cultural appreciation.


My Chinese Name Book  Everything you want to know about your Chinese name professionally written and illustrated in a hard-cover book.


Image Files  High-resolution files of your stamp that you can use on your website or for printing letterheads, business cards, posters, or banners. Image can be enlarged to any size without pixilation or loss of quality.

Ordering and Receiving


To Order  Click the Buy button.


Wait Time  Usually 2 weeks, but may take up to 2 months. The optional digital files can be available for download in a week. If you have a deadline to meet, please indicate on the order form and we will do everything we can to meet it. We will contact you first if a rush fee is required to meet your date.


Questions  E-mail or call (559) 472-3320 and leave a message. We will call you back within 24 hours.

Guarantees  Satisfaction guaranteed plus a 10-year replacement program.


International Customers  We have served customers in 45 countries. Contact us to see if special arrangements are needed.

Style  Most official stamps are Style 1, but Style 2 is also acceptable.


Wording  Typically a stamp has your name and your rank or title. Your martial arts style can be added as well. For example: Master John Smith, Goju Ryu; Sifu Allen Yuan; Sensei Lisa Lynn; or Sa Bum Nim George Rodriguez.


Translation  Unless you provide your own translation, there is a one-time charge for basic translation of a short custom phrase, school name, or personal name. An advanced translation package is recommended for any small business name, brand name, tag line, or motto.


Self-inking only?  If you prefer the wooden handled rubber stamp with a separate ink pad, mention it in the comment box.


Why Good Characters?  We designed this service specifically for you, the professional. We ensure that the character version of your name—whether Chinese or Japanese kanji or Korean hanja—has a positive meaning, sounds like your name in English, and is pleasing to the eye.


Who else buys this  Medical doctors, professors, calligraphers, artists, photographers, writers, authors, yoga instructors, pastors, monks, Reiki practitioners, restaurant owners, and other business owners.


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