Common Chinese naming

pitfalls and how

Good Characters

overcomes them

The basic Chinese naming process can be boiled down to 3 steps:

(1) Develop an exhaustive list of Chinese names.

(2) Rank the names from the best to the least desirable.

(3) Go down the list and register the first Chinese name that’s legally available.

Common pitfalls:

Fail to create lots of names:

Most people are too narrowly focused at the beginning. People don’t come up with enough names; they leave many options on the table.

Good Characters reaches deep and wide:

With naming expertise and 16 years of experience, Good Characters develop ideas that are far and wide and very deep.

Fail to create lots of names:

Most people are too slow. People take too much time to name. The longer it takes, the fewer options you’ll have.

Good Characters is fast:

Good Characters has expertise and a proprietary system that generates thousands of names a second.

Fail to rank the names:

Most people fall in love with the wrong name. They rank with personal bias and preferences, or they fall in love with a name and stop evaluating others. Too much emotion clouds objectivity.

Good Characters are experienced and objective:

We’re objective.

We have been doing this for 16 years.

Fail to rank the names:

As a result of subjective personal bias, most people mistakenly reject some unique and good names (false negative) and put too much weight on common and mediocre names (false positive).

Good Characters has a dual analytical approach, using both humans and machines. The result is balanced and objective.

Most people don’t take the time necessary to rank the names and reach consensus. The result is panic when the first chosen name is legally unavailable. Then they go back and forth trying to select the second or third name.

Good Characters instills the discipline to rank the names so you can simply execute the process by going down the list and applying one by one. It’s unemotional and efficient.

Other branding firms vs. GC:

For most other design or branding firms, naming is just a small part of their business.

We specialize in Chinese naming. Naming is all we do.

Translating company vs. GC:

Some agencies outsource to translators instead of professional namers.

Namers are specialized.

“Almost good name” vs Good name


The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

—Mark Twain

Without a good name, you could lose the whole game.

Engage early so you can be ready when you need to be.

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