Times have changed:

Why you need help from

Chinese naming

specialists today

To do business in the hyper-competitive Greater China market and succeed, you need to secure the best Chinese version of your brand name.

It’s harder and harder to get a good Chinese name because every passing minute—as you are reading this—more and more names are being registered and becoming unavailable to you.

As you know, if you’re “one in a million” in China, there are 1,386 people just like you.

As the number of good and legally available Chinese names dwindles, your only option is to up your game and explore more creative options faster than everyone else.

That was then . . .

Galileo made many discoveries with a 36.5” refractor.

Today scientists use the Very Large Array (VLA), a system of 27 radio-telescope antennas distributed over the high desert, and a 65-mile fiber link to study naturally-occurring radio light from stars, galaxies, black holes, and other astronomical objects.

That was then . . .

Fisherman casting a net


This is now . . .

Commercial fishing boats

That was then . . .

The fastest mode of travel was by horse


This is now . . .

Ordinary people travel by bullet train or jet

Back then a few people could brainstorm together and come up with a good Chinese name.

Now the only way to ensure a good Chinese name is to engage dedicated professionals who specialize in Chinese naming.

And you need to do it now.

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