Why you need to

start the

Chinese naming process

right away

There are tens of thousands of Chinese characters and tens of millions ways to combine them to create names.

But the number of available Chinese names is becoming fewer and fewer by the minute.

China has the highest amount of trademark filing activity in the world according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

In 2015, 2.8 million trademark applications were filed in China. That’s 5 times the number in the United States.

If you just wait and see, you’ll see fewer and fewer options available for you.

As the number of good and legally available Chinese names dwindles, your only option is to up your game and explore more creative options faster than everyone else.

In America, as long as you use the name first, you’re entitled to certain rights.

Not so in China.

China has a “first-to-file” system that requires no evidence of prior use or ownership, leaving registration of popular foreign marks open to third parties.

So if someone registers the most obvious or not-so-obvious good Chinese version of your brand before you do, you’ll either have to come up with a new Chinese name or buy the registered name back.

You may sue them in court or they could sue you in court. You might win, but you could also lose. It’s a big waste of your time, money, and market opportunity.

You may have heard: “President Donald Trump got a piece of long-awaited good news: After more than a decade of hold-ups in court, his application to trademark his name in China was finally approved.”


The Story Behind Trump’s Chinese Trademark - The Atlantic Feb 22, 2017

You may also have heard: “Apple has lost a trademark fight in China, meaning a firm which sells handbags and other leather goods can continue to use the name ‘IPHONE’.”


Apple loses trademark fight over ‘iPhone’ name in China - BBC: 4 May 2016

“A Beijing court said Apple wasn’t able to prove that iPhone was a ‘famous brand’ in China, before the local company applied for a trademark in 2007, the year the phone was released.”


Apple loses fight over iPhone name in China - Wednesday 4 May 2016

So Good Characters advises you to start your Chinese naming process immediately.

Delaying the process is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s not “if” but “when.”

A stitch in time saves nine.

Engage Good Characters now and we’ll develop an exhaustive list of potential Chinese names for you and rank them from the best to the least desirable.

Our comprehensive naming reports empower you to execute the following actions:

You’ll be fully informed and able to make wise decisions.

You may find the most obvious translation/transliteration of your brand out there in the market, created by others, is actually not the best; now you can register a better one from our list.

If the best names are taken but other options are still good, you can simply go down the list and register the top ranking name that’s available.

If you decide to own the already taken Chinese name, knowing all of your Chinese name options enables you to price name acquisition correctly and negotiate wisely.

Victorious warriors win first

and then go to war.
—Sun Tzu



Business success in China begins with a great Chinese name.

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