02 Aci, Food Stylist

02 Aci, Food Stylist

So yesterday I told you about the oracle shell from Aci.


Aci Landa is a commercial food stylist with an impressive portfolio. You can see her beautiful works on her website at http://foodthatlooksgood.com. You can also find her in Bēhance, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest through her By Aci page.


I enjoy taking pictures of foods and hired a photographer to photograph dishes from several local Chinese restaurants. But Aci’s works are on a much higher level that I really appreciate.


I learned her name Aci is short for Acirema, which is America spelled backwards. Her parents loved the idea of a united continent from Simón Bolívar. “My grandmother is named America, mine is just backwards. Funky?”


That’s so interesting!


America is transliterated as 亞美利加 (yà měi lì jiā) or more commonly 美洲 (měi zhōu). 美 (měi), meaning beauty, is short for 亞美利加 (yà měi lì jiā) and 洲 (zhōu) is the word for continent.

Chinese character: 亞Simplified Chinese: 亚
Chinese character: 美
Chinese character: 利
Chinese character: 加

Figure: Chinese transliteration of America. 亞 (yà) can mean second or can be short for Asia. 美 (měi) is beauty. 利 (lì) means benefit, profit, or advantage. 加 (jiā) means plus. These are all frequently used good characters.


Figure: Chinese translation of America: 美洲 (měi zhōu).

Chinese character: 美
Chinese character: 洲

If I had to give Aci a Chinese name, I thought it might be 阿喜 (ā xǐ), pronounced ah ssee.


Figure: A potential Chinese name for Aci.

Chinese character: 阿
Chinese character: 喜

阿 (ā) resembles the sound of A. At the same time it is also a common prefix to Chinese first names when used in an informal way between friends or an endearing manner, like parents calling their children.


Aci stated that she loves her work. And I did see many photos showing her to be dedicated and enjoying her work and life. So among many Chinese characters that sound like ci I thought 喜 (xǐ) would fit her. 喜 (xǐ), pronounced she or ssee, it means happy, delight, or enjoy. It becomes the well-known double happiness symbol if you have two side by side as one character.


There is more than one way to say food stylist in Chinese.


Food can be 食物 (shí wù) or 食品 (shí pǐn). Style can be 風格 (fēng gé), 樣式 (yàng shì), or 格調 (gé diào). The suffix -ist can be 家 (jiā), 者 (zhě), or 師 (shī).


食品造型師 (shí pǐn zào xíng shī) is a common way to say food stylist. Generally 食品 (shí pǐn) sounds better than 食物 (shí wù). 品 (pǐn) is associated with 品牌 (pǐnpái), meaning brand, 品質 (pǐnzhí), meaning quality, or 商品 (shāng pǐn), meaning merchandise. 造型 (zào xíng) means modeling. 師 (shī) is a teacher, a master, or in this case an expert.

Chinese character: 美
Chinese character: 食
Chinese character: 造
Chinese character: 型
Chinese character: 師Simplified Chinese: 师

A less common way to say food stylist is 食品設計師 (shí pǐn shè jì shī). 設計 (shè jì) is design so 設計師 (shè jì shī) is a designer.


I like 美食造型師 (měi shí zào xíng shī). Literally beautiful food, 美食 (měi shí) can mean beautiful food, gourmet, cuisine, or even American food. But without question it communicates an expert that makes the foods look good.


If you want to be loquacious, try 美食造型設計師 (měi shí zào xíng shè jì shī).


How would you name Aci and/or food stylist? Let me know!


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