03 Pancakes, Bacon

03 Pancakes, Bacon

So you’ve learned about Aci and how to say Food Stylist in Chinese. Would you like to see some photos she created?



© Aci Landa
Food That Looks Good


Photographed as a collaboration with Lady Holiday. Find the

recipes and more at ladyholiday.net


Chinese character: 鬆Simplified Chinese: 松
Chinese character: 餅Simplified Chinese: 饼

There are several ways people say pancakes in Chinese. The one I like best is 鬆餅 (sōng bǐng). 鬆 (sōng) is loose and 餅 (bǐng) is the generic name for any type of round flat cake.


In Hong Kong a pancake is also called 熱香餅 (rè xiāng bǐng). 熱 (rè) is hot and 香 (xiāng) means smells good.


I don’t like 薄烤餅 (báo kǎo bǐng) because it means thin and baked. And we know some pancakes are not thin at all!





Chinese character: 培
Chinese character: 根
There are also many ways to say bacon, but the one I like best, and it’s probably the easiest for you, is 培根 (péi gēn). It sounds just like bacon because it is a transliterated name.


煙肉 (yān ròu) is another name for bacon. But I don’t like it because it means smoked meat. There are many other types of smoked meat besides bacon. A name like this is not specific enough.





Chinese character: 水
Chinese character: 煮
Chinese character: 嫩
Chinese character: 蛋
One of the ways poached egg is said in Chinese is 水煮嫩蛋 (shuǐ zhǔ nèn dàn). 水煮 (shuǐ zhǔ) means water boiled. 嫩 (nèn) means soft or tender. And 蛋 (dàn) is egg.

© Aci Landa, Food That Looks Good

© Aci Landa, Food That Looks Good

If you’re a member, I have these assignments for you:


Level 1

Little or no Chinese language proficiency

Look at the animated Chinese characters on this page and copy them on paper or try using a Chinese handwriting input method described to enter on your phone or computer.

Level 2

Able to translate from Chinese to English

Translate this to English:


Level 3

Able to translate from English to Chinese

Use one or more words you have learned—鬆餅, 培根, and 水煮嫩蛋—and look up and learn a new word or two to form one or two sentences, in both English and Chinese, about breakfast.

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