14 The September   Issue

I learned a few things about making a fashion magazine by watching a documentary called The September Issue. In Chinese, it may be titled 九月號 (jiǔ yuè hào).


THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE - Official US Theatrical Trailer HQ HD


Chinese character: 九
Chinese character: 月
Chinese character: 號Simplified Chinese: 号

In English, each month has a unique name. In modern Chinese, months are just numbered first, second, third, etc. So September is 九月, the ninth month. Who says Chinese is harder than English?


Do you still remember the 號 (hào) character and its meaning? We talked about it in the Space Shuttle Endeavour (奮進號) post.



Level 1

Little or no Chinese language proficiency

Look at the animated Chinese characters on this page and copy them on paper or try using a Chinese handwriting input method described to enter on your phone or computer.

Level 2

Able to translate from Chinese to English

Translate this to English:


Level 3

Able to translate from English to Chinese

Write a sentence or two using one or more of the above mentioned Chinese words.

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