The September Issue was about Vogue magazine. Vogue magazine is 服饰与美容 VOGUE in China. 服飾 (fú shì) is apparel, 與 (yǔ) means and, and 美容 (měi róng) means beauty or cosmetology.



VOGUE September 2015


VOGUE China Sep '15


VOGUE Taiwan Sep '15

The company that publishes Vogue is the Condé Nast Media Group. Its name is transliterated as 康泰纳仕集团 (kāng tài nà shì jí tuán).


Transliteration is translation by sound. If we transliterate Condé Nast faithfully, it could be 康泰納仕特 (kāng tài nà shì tè). But in transliteration, faithfulness to the sound is not always the top concern. You can truncate the name if it ends up a better-sounding Chinese name.


Chinese character: 服
Chinese character: 飾Simplified Chinese: 饰
Chinese character: 與Simplified Chinese: 与
Chinese character: 美
Chinese character: 容


You probably don’t care about a company’s Chinese name. But, guess what: we can learn a few characters from a name.


In this name, the first character, 康 (kāng) means health or peace. A basic word to know is 健康 (jiàn kāng), meaning healthy.


泰 (tài) means peace and safe. There a famous mountain in China called 泰山 (tài shān), also known as Mount Tai. Interestingly enough, Tai Shan is also the name for the National Zoo’s panda. If you are in the mood, you can copy the characters and present the copy to your father-in-law to show your respect. After all, Tai Shan is also one way to address one’s wife’s father.


纳 (nà) means accept. 接納 (jiē nà) accept or admission. 迎春納福 (yíng chūn nàfú) is greeting for welcoming Spring and enjoying good fortune and life.


仕 (shì) is official, advisor, minister, or a person with status.


If you have seen Chinese chess, you know 仕 is usually engraved in red corresponding to 士 (shì), which has the same pronunciation and a similar meaning, engraved in black. It’s similar to queen in Western chess; it moves and captures one point diagonally.


集团 (jí tuán) means group.

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