Chinese character: 世
Chinese character: 界
Chinese character: 時Simplified Chinese: 时
Chinese character: 裝Simplified Chinese: 装
Chinese character: 之
Chinese character: 苑
After seeing VOGUE, I got curious about other top fashion magazines. So let’s take a look at ELLE today. The name is the French word for “she” or female.


In China, ELLE is called ELLE 世界時裝之苑 (shì jiè shí zhuāng zhī yuàn).


世界 (shì jiè) means world.


天下 (tiān xià),全球 (quán qiú),環球 (guán qiú),國際 (guójì) are other words you might also consider for the concept of world.


時裝 (shí zhuāng) means fashionable dress or latest fashion.


Basic words to know related to 時 (shí) are:


時代 (shí dài) means era, age, or period.

當時 (dāng shí) means then and immediately.


裝 (zhuāng) is related to 服裝 (fú zhuāng), meaning clothing.


之 (zhi) is a word part translatable by “-s” or “of” denoting belonging or ownership.


苑 (yuàn) is garden, park, or to imply a luxurious place.


In Taiwan, ELLE is called ELLE 她雜誌. 她 (tā) means she or her. 雜誌 (zá zhì) is magazine.



ELLE September 2015


ELLE China Sep '15


ELLE Taiwan Sep '15

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