You learned Elle yesterday. I got the magazine from a local Barnes and Noble in a pack of special September issues of three magazines. So we’ll learn about Chinese names for the other two—Harper’s Bazaar today and Marie Claire tomorrow.


Chinese character: 時Simplified Chinese: 时
Chinese character: 尚
Chinese character: 芭
Chinese character: 莎


时尚芭莎 (bā shā) is the name of the magazine in China.


時尚 (shí shàng), as we learned, means fashion or vogue.

芭莎 (bā shā) is a transliteration for Bazaar.


Notice 芭 and 莎 share 艹 at the top. It’s called the grass (草) radical. Names with the grass radical that are associated with flowers or plants are often female names.


Chinese character: 哈
Chinese character: 潑Simplified Chinese: 泼
In Taiwan, it is called 哈潑時尚 (hā pō shí shàng).


哈潑 (hā pō) is the transliteration for Harper. 哈 (hā) is laughing. 潑 (pō) means splash or spill but is also related to 活潑 (huó pō), meaning lively. It is this association that makes 哈潑 (hā pō) seem like a cheerful and happy name.


A bazaar is a market place.




BAZAAR September 2015


BAZAAR China Sep '15


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