18 Marie Claire

Chinese character: 嘉
Chinese character: 人
The last magazine for this week is Marie Claire.


It’s called 嘉人 (jiā rén) in China.


嘉 (jiā) is good, fine, or to praise. There is no existing term called 嘉人 (jiā rén) but from the literal meanings of the characters, the term can mean good people, fine person, or praiseworthy people.


It’s called 美麗佳人 (měi lì jiā rén) in Taiwan.


Chinese character: 美
Chinese character: 麗Simplified Chinese: 丽
Chinese character: 佳
Chinese character: 人
美麗 (měi lì) is beautiful. 佳 (jiā) means good or beautiful. 佳人 (jiā rén) means beautiful woman. So it’s literally beautiful, beautiful woman!


嘉人 and 佳人 sound the same and have similar meanings. It’s interesting that the name in China has the more complicated character. It might be that 佳人 is not available. I’m totally guessing here, though.


A great place to learn about Chinese characters is an online dictionary by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. It’s good because it includes references and examples from classical Chinese literature. I always check this dictionary when I need to be sure or dig deep into a character or a word’s meanings. It’s all in traditional Chinese, though.




Marie Claire September 2015


Marie Claire China Sep '15


Marie Claire Taiwan Sep '15

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