19 Do You Smile?

19 Do You Smile?

Do you smile in the picture?


I noticed that models in many ads and photo shots have similar facial expressions, so I started to categorize and count them when I flipped through these magazines. Download my tally of the following if you are bored!




注視 (zhù shì): Making eye contact with the reader.


沒看 (méi kàn): No eye contact.


閉口 (bì kǒu): Mouth closed.


閉口微笑 (bì kǒu wéi xiào): Closed-mouth smile.

微張沒笑 (wēi zhāng méi xiào) 嘴巴微張但嘴巴沒有笑容: Lips slightly apart, not smiling.


微張微笑 (wēi zhāng wéi xiào) 嘴巴微張且帶著微笑: Lips slightly apart, smiling.


大笑 (dà xiào): Laughing.


吐舌 (tǔ shé): Tongue sticking out.


啾嘴 (jiū zuǐ): Puckered lips.


其他 (qí tā) 其他表情: Other type of expressions.

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