20 Sun Moon Star

20 Sun Moon Star

September 27 will be the Mid-Autumn Festival for 2015. This traditional holiday is on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. The 15th day on the lunar calendar is always the full moon. Did you know this?


So this is a great time to learn words related to sun, moon, star, and drinks that keep you awake at night!


Chinese character: 日
Chinese character: 月
Chinese character: 星
日 (rì) means sun, day, or date. It was originally drawn as a circle representing the shape of the sun with a short line or dot in the middle. The use of the short line is similar to our modern use of an arrow as an indication. Later the character evolved to a tall rectangular shape for ease in writing. To remember, think of the short line in the middle representing the sun as the #1 brightest object in the sky. When you see a Chinese character with 日 on top or on the left, it’s a hint that it has something to do with the sun.


月 (yuè) means moon or month. It evolved from the shape of a crescent moon. Think of the two lines in the middle representing the moon as the #2 brightest object in the sky. If you see 月 on the left of a character, it’s a hint that it has something to do with the moon.


星 (xīng) is star. It consists of 日 (rì), meaning sun, and 生 (shēng), meaning birth, life, or grow.


For the verse of the week, I have Psalm 147:4


KJVPsalm 147:4He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.CUV詩篇 147:4他數點星宿的數目,一一稱他的名。CCB詩篇 147:4祂決定眾星的數目,給它們一一命名。A modern translation, though used by fewer Chinese Christians.The most used Chinese Bible version.



You can print out the PDF version and circle characters you have yet to learn or create your own translation. See if you can do even better.


Chinese character: 祂
Chinese character: 他
Chinese character: 她
Chinese character: 牠
Chinese character: 它
Here’s a list of traditional third-person pronouns:


祂 (tā) is he or she for God or gods.

他 (tā) is he for a human.

她 (tā) is she for a human.

牠 (tā) is he, she, or it for animals.

它 (tā) is it for an object.



Level 2

Able to translate from Chinese to English

Look up these Chinese radicals:

Level 3

Able to translate from English to Chinese

I think the translation of the verse can be made even better. How would you translate the verse?

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