25 Refreshers

25 Refreshers

Have you tried Refreshers? I learned that naming consultants at Catchword created the name Refreshers for Starbucks, so I was curious about the name in Chinese.


Chinese character: 冰
Chinese character: 搖Simplified Chinese: 摇
Chinese character: 沁
Chinese character: 爽
Refreshers is named 冰搖沁爽 (bīng yáo qìn shuǎng) in Taiwan. It looks like the name is not yet available in China.


Character-by-character, 冰搖沁爽 (bīng yáo qìn shuǎng) is ice, shake, immersion, and cheerful.


冰 (bīng) is ice.

搖 (yáo) is to shake.

沁 (qìn) means immersion or infiltration.

爽 (shuǎng) means cheerful or feeling great.


The interesting character here is 沁 (qìn). It consists of the water radical (氵) on the left and a heart (心) on the right. The original meaning might be water going in or coming out from the center. Picture an iced drink with water drops forming on the outside.


爽 is related to 清爽 (qīng shuǎng) and 涼爽 (liáng shuǎng), both mean nice and cool, or, in one word, refreshing.


沁爽 (qìn shuǎng) also looks like 心爽 (xīn shuǎng), meaning great feeling.


Overall 冰搖沁爽 is a good and unique name with many positive association related to the drink.


星巴克 Refreshers 冰搖沁爽系列 Summer Dance


相約星巴克 一起遇見美好


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