30 The Fundamental Attribution Error

30 The Fundamental Attribution Error

In the first chapter of The Power of Persuasion, Dr. Levine mentioned that as much as people like to feel they can categorize people into types, situations often determine how people will act.


Chinese character: 基
Chinese character: 本
Chinese character: 歸Simplified Chinese: 归
Chinese character: 因
Chinese character: 謬Simplified Chinese: 谬
Chinese character: 誤Simplified Chinese: 误


The Fundamental Attribution Error




A similar Chinese idiom is 時勢造英雄 (shí shì zào yīng xióng), meaning the times produce their heroes. Or, heroes are products of their time.


This also reminds me of the Stanford prison experiment. Google it.

“In fact, the demands of the situation—the particulars of the time, the place, and the social context—are often better predictors of how people will act than is the type of person they are.”


The Chinese translation is:


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