11 Harmony Bomb

11 Harmony Bomb

Chinese character: 和
Chinese character: 諧Simplified Chinese: 谐
Chinese character: 彈Simplified Chinese: 弹


Last week I read a headline from New York Times and I wish it read like this:


North Korea’s first harmony bomb?


The country, one of the world’s most creative states, declared that it detonated its first harmony bomb today.


It may be weeks or longer before other nations can feel the effect. South Korea today expressed some doubts over whether the bomb was powerful enough to make all neighboring states get alone harmoniously.1


What would you call an H-bomb like this in Mandarin Chinese?


It might be 和諧彈 (hé xié dàn).


和諧 (hé xié) is harmonious.

彈 (dàn) is short for 炸彈 (zhà dàn), meaning bomb.


Note 1: Inspired by a true story from NYT. It is 95% true.1

Note 1 of Note 1: 95% true means only 3 words were changed of the 56 words in the story.

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