13 Hydrogen Bomb

13 Hydrogen Bomb

Chinese character: 氫Simplified Chinese: 氢
Chinese character: 彈Simplified Chinese: 弹


We’ve been talking about the ideal Harmony Bomb, 和諧彈 (hé xié dàn), and a mouth-watering fried egg, 荷包蛋 (hé bāo dàn).


But there are doubts whether there is a Harmony Bomb:


Doubts over H-bomb claims


North Korea bragged Wednesday about the “spectacular success” of its first harmony bomb test, a defiant act that leader Kim Jong Un, in a statement read on state television, said would “make the world ... look up to our strong, harmonious country.”


Outside the Hermit Kingdom, however, Pyongyang’s harmony bomb claims are being treated with skepticism.


White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “The initial analysis is not consistent with the North Korean claims.”


Wednesday’s test yielded a blast of a similar magnitude to a previous North Korean test in 2013, according to Martin Navias, a military expert at King’s College London.


“We won’t know for another few days or weeks whether this was a harmony bomb,” he said. “It doesn’t look like one; ... I would have already felt warm and peaceful inside if it was such an H-bomb.”


One analyst in Seoul cast doubt.


“After the test by North Korea we couldn’t feel any more calm ... I still have to practice meditation and yoga three times a day,” says Jiyoung Park, a senior research fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.


Of course we don’t live in an ideal world and the only H-bomb that was tested was the hydrogen bomb, 氫彈 (qīng dàn).


氫 (qīng) is hydrogen.

彈 (dàn) is short for 炸彈 (zhà dàn), meaning bomb.


Whenever you see a character with 气 you know it has to do with air or gas. How do you remember this character? Imagine 3 curved lines flowing horizontally representing the air flow.


This is in contrast to 水 (shuǐ), water, and 氵, the water character part, also known as the water radical, in which you can picture water coming down vertically.

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