14 Red Bomb

14 Red Bomb

Since we’re on the topic of bombs—和諧彈 (hé xié dàn), a Harmony Bomb, and 氫彈 (qīng dàn), a Hydrogen Bomb—let me tell you a bomb that’s legal to throw in Chinese society.


It’s called a red bomb, 紅色炸彈 (hóng sè zhà dàn).


Red bomb, 紅色炸彈 (hóng sè zhà dàn), is the Chinese nickname for 喜帖 (xǐ tiě), meaning wedding invitation.


Chinese wedding invitations are red. If you receive a wedding invitation, you’re supposed to send money whether you will attend or not. Therefore a red invitation is a thing that costs money, like a bomb that cause damages.

Chinese character: 紅Simplified Chinese: 红
Chinese character: 色
Chinese character: 炸
Chinese character: 彈Simplified Chinese: 弹


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