15 Gold

15 Gold

Chinese character: 金
Chinese character: 人
Chinese character: 土

You learned yesterday that a red bomb, 紅色炸彈 (hóng sè zhà dàn), costs you money.


Some Chinese managers complain that the higher the position they hold, the more people they manage and thus the more red bombs they receive. The result is that a job promotion sometimes actually costs them more money than they get from the increased salary because one cannot ignore red bombs and simply not pay.


The North Korean leader who authorized the H-bomb test has the family name Kim. In Chinese it is 金 (jīn), meaning gold.


The character 金 (jīn) consists of a roof shaped cover (𠆢), a short line (一), dots (丶), and earth (土).


A way to remember the character might be that two gold nuggets (the two dots) are covered (the roof shaped cover 𠆢 and the short line 一) under earth (earth 土).


Two days ago we learned that whenever you see a character with 气 you know it has to do with air or gas. Today it’s time to learn that whenever you see a character with 金 (jīn) you know it has to do with metal.

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