18 Great Again

18 Great Again

Wouldn’t it be fun to mix fiction into reality? Imagine reading the following:


Donald Trump’s First TV Ad Focuses on Galactic Immigration


Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, released his first TV spot Monday, repeating his call to “make America great again” and doubling down on his rhetoric against space aliens and galactic immigrants.


A ban on Jawa, Wookiee, Ewok and Hutt immigration. A Hyperloop to Mexico to increase transportation and bi-country cooperation. Decapitating the First Order.


These were the themes featured in Donald J. Trump’s first television advertisement, set to hit the airwaves on Tuesday as the sprint to win the Iowa caucuses begins in earnest.


“I am very proud of this ad,” Mr. Trump said in a statement on Monday. “I don’t know if I also need to enlist the Jedis, but I don’t want to take any chances.”


I read the Chinese media translations of “make America great again.” Two of them are:


讓美國再度偉大 (ràng měiguó zàidù wěidà), literally, let America great again, and,

重建偉大美國 (chóngjiàn wěidà měiguó), literally, reconstruction Great America.


Let me suggest a better translation: 重振美國聲威 (chóng zhèn měiguó shēngwēi).


重振 (chóng zhèn) is short for 重新振作 (chóngxīn zhènzuò), meaning rebound or reinvigorate.


美國 (měiguó) is the United States. Remember you learned America is 美國 (měi guó), literally beautiful country?


聲威 (shēngwēi) is renown or prestige. Separating these two characters, 聲 (shēng) means sound or voice; 威 (wēi) means might.

Chinese character: 重
Chinese character: 振
Chinese character: 美
Chinese character: 國Simplified Chinese: 国
Chinese character: 聲Simplified Chinese: 声
Chinese character: 威


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