20 Hyperloop

20 Hyperloop

Hyperloop sounds like a leap over the existing high-speed rail. What do you call it in Chinese?


Hyperloop is translated as 超迴路列車 (chāo huílù lièchē).


超 (chāo) is super or hyper.


迴路 (huílù) is loop.


列車 (lièchē) is a train.


Chinese character: 超
Chinese character: 迴Simplified Chinese: 回
Chinese character: 路
Chinese character: 列
Chinese character: 車Simplified Chinese: 车


Five years ago I was interviewed by a national news outlet about car names translated to Chinese. Hours of interviewing and only seconds made it on air! Afterward, off camera, I asked the reporter what he thought about America’s car industry. He sounded very pessimistic and said, “I hope we still make cars in America 5 year from now.”


I’m happy to see that not only was his pessimism unfounded, but new innovations such as advanced electronic cars are being manufactured in America.

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