22 Donald

22 Donald

What’s the Chinese name for Donald?


It has been transliterated as either 唐諾 (táng nuò) or 當諾 (dāng nuò).


唐 (táng) is most known as the name of the Tang Dynasty. It’s also a Chinese surname. It does have negative meanings of exaggerative, boastful, in vain, or for nothing, but people don’t think about these when it is used in a name and as the first character.


Chinese character: 唐
Chinese character: 諾Simplified Chinese: 诺
Chinese character: 當Simplified Chinese: 当
Chinese character: 諾Simplified Chinese: 诺


This is one of the reasons it’s insufficient to rely on a dictionary to create a Chinese name yourself unless you also know all the potential connotations not mentioned in the book.


當 (dāng) is appropriate or to regard as.


諾 (nuò) is to promise.


Whenever you see 言 (yán) on the left side of a character, it has to do with speech or words.

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