23 Donald Duck

23 Donald Duck

Speaking of Donald, another famous Donald I have in mind is a duck.


Donald Duck is 唐老鴨 (táng lǎo yā) in Chinese.


唐老鴨 (táng lǎo yā) sounds familiar and friendly to the Chinese because the first character, 唐 (táng), here used as the transliteration of the “Don-“ sound in Donald, is associated with everything Chinese, e.g.: 唐人 (tángrén), meaning Chinese people, or, 唐朝 (táng cháo), meaning Tang Dynasty.


Chinese character: 唐
Chinese character: 老
Chinese character: 鴨Simplified Chinese: 鸭


The second character, 老 (táng lǎo), sounds like the “-nald” sound in Donald and it means old.


The third character, 鴨 (yā), is duck.


So 唐老鴨 (táng lǎo yā) can be interpreted as Donald Duck (transliteration: 唐老, táng lǎo; translation: 鴨) or Don[ald] [Old] Duck (transliteration: 唐; translation: 老鴨).


The nephews of Donald Duck—Huey, Dewey, and Louie—are called 唐小鴨 (táng xiǎoyā), literally Don[ald] Little Duck.

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