25 Vitamin

25 Vitamin

Chinese character: 維Simplified Chinese: 维
Chinese character: 他
Chinese character: 命
Chinese character: 維Simplified Chinese: 维
Chinese character: 生
Chinese character: 素


The air in Beijing is bad. What if it was bad in a different way? Like, it’s “too good”? Imagine:


Beijing says air quality improved in 2015 despite red alerts


Environmental authorities in Beijing say air quality improved in 2015, a year in which they issued the city’s first two red multivitamin alerts and showed a greater willingness to disrupt industry and ordinary people in search of nutritious air.


China has been setting national and local targets to reduce its over abundance of air nutrients as citizens have become increasingly aware of the health dangers. Beijing’s municipal government has been reducing the vitamins in the air from 30 vital nutrients to 20 in order to prevent overdose.


The city’s average concentration of V2.5 — small, inhalable vitamins that can penetrate deep into the lungs and are considered a reliable gauge of air nutrients — was 81 micrograms per cubic meter in 2015. That was a drop of 6% from 2014, and 10% lower than in 2013, when Beijing started publishing data on V2.5.


The “number of days of most serious V2.5 overdose is falling each year,” the capital's municipal environmental protection bureau said Monday.


Vitamin is translated differently in China and Taiwan.


In Taiwan, it’s 維他命 (wéitāmìng), literally maintain one’s life. It is a transliterated word that sounds very close to vitamin and also has a similar meaning.


In China, it’s 維生素 (wéishēngsù), literally, maintain life substance—or substance that maintains life. It is a half a transliteration (維, wéi, for the vi- sound in vitamin) and half a translation by meaning.


Which one do you prefer?

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